How It Works

Fill out an envelope that looks like this:


Enclose a paper with only the ISBN number of the book you want written on it.

Add cash equivalent to the list price of the book you want, rounded to the nearest dollar, plus $20, enveloped in a few sheets of opaque paper

Wait for a two weeks, and your book will arrive!

What I Do

I help people procure books anonymously. In an era where internet snooping by government agencies, search engines, and third parties is at an all-time high, and also when confidentiality is at a premium, I offer simple, straightforward access to books. Send me money, and I will send you books, anonymously. Amazon can’t do that, you can’t do that at Barnes & Noble, but you can do that at my site if you follow the instructions below. Civilization rests upon books, and nobody in our nation should ever feel watched or hesitant in pursuit of the books that interest them. I make that ideal tangible, and if you want it to apply to you, it can. Books are important, and confidential access to them is crucial. If you think this is important, keep reading.


Why Mail? Because the mail provides that neither online or physical shopping can. Searching the mail takes effort, and you aren’t worth it. It’s easy to surveil the internet, it’s relatively difficult to do the same thing with actual mail.

Isn’t a $20 premium a little pricey? No. We provide you with a service (anonymity) that you can’t provide for yourself at any price, no matter how careful you are. The cost is comparable to that of a pizza.

Why should I trust you? You should trust me to deliver because if I don’t, I’m guilty of mail fraud, which is a felony. You can trust me not to share the content of your purchases because I have no incentive to do so.

What about pornography? For personal and legal reasons, I don’t provide pornography. As the Supreme Court justice said, I know it when I see it, and if I see it, I’ll send you your money back, no questions asked.

Is this legal? Of course. Buying books anonymously is legal, whether you do it at a garage sale or at a chain store. You don’t have to give anyone your name

Can I use a private mail box? Yes, and for those who require serious confidentiality, I recommend it. They’re cheap.